How are you spending this weekend?

Good morning people! How are you spending this weekend? We know some of you may be forced to stay at home due to the current situation in Italy, so we want to cheer you up with this nice view! This shot was taken on the 15th of August and that day the colour of the water shocked even us, and trust us, we’re experts in crystal blue waters!
Did you know that last year CalaGoloritzè ranked 22nd on the global ranking of the best beaches and 3rd at the national level? The 2nd one is CalaMariolu, just adjacent to Cala Goloritzè!
What are you waiting for? Come with us and jump into this paradise!

Book your stay with us in Ogliastra! IL BORGHETTO BAUNEI:
LA CASA DI CLARA, one double bedroom sardinian house.🏡
LA CASA DI CARLA, NOW TWO double bedroom sardinian house.🏡
LA TORRE, three double bedrooms sardinian house with rooftop and view

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