Welcome home and we hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Here are some information you may find useful during your stay:

I want to cook outside, where can I find everything I need? As you will have seen, you have the possibility to cook and eat outside as we have a second kitchen, which is in sharing with the other house just in front of you.
In the event in which there are no guests in the other house, then you can enjoy it exclusively.

In the indoor kitchen you will find everything you may need to cook and wash the dishes, if you intend to eat outside you are very welcome to do so. Simply bring outside everything you need.
The only thing we kindly ask you is that once you leave the apartment the cooking utensils, pans and so on are placed back in their place.

I am a friend of the environment, can I recycle the waste? Indeed! The city of Baunei takes very seriously its commitment for a better and cleaner world, and we will appreciate if during your stay you can help us in this mission.
You will find the calendar of the weekdays in which there is the garbage and recycling collection. Simply place outside the house (where there is the main street) the correct bin the night before the collection, and take it back the following day, once the recycle has been collected.

Where can I go shopping for some groceries? Mammamia! We are Italians, we love our mamas and bla bla bla, and we cannot live without good food.
So, in case you need a quick shopping we suggest you go to the main supermarket, which is PAM Baunei. It is located on the main street (Via Orientale Sarda 41). However, on the very same street you can find some small shops with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as bakeries (with fresh bread baked every day) and butchers.

If you are going to Santa Maria Navarrese, there are other supermarkets in there, the best butcher is just next to the touristic harbour and it has the best meat.

I want to eat like the locals do, where can I go? If you want to render your Sardinian experience truly unique you have to try IL GOLGO (+39 337 811 828), the restaurant has typical sardinian food. I suggest that you book before going there. Another place where you can experience truly sardinian food is RIFUGIO COOPERATIVA GOLORITZÈ (+39 368 702 8980).
MEC PUDDU’S (+39 339 320 2669) is another sardinian experience which I truly recommend you. The place is in Santa Maria Navarrese and is worth a visit (even two).
Yes you are in Sardinia, and even if we are reticent to admit it, we are in Italy, so if you want a good pizza you should go to PISANEDDU (+39 0782 610604). If instead you want to enjoy a maradham (a special kind of pizza) in front of the beach I suggest you go to L’OLIVASTRO which is in Santa Maria Navarrese.
You are on an island, thus you cannot leave us before having had good fish. The best place where you can have an amazing fish-based dinner is LA PESCHIERA – ITTITURISMO ARBATAX (+39 0782 664415). For this restaurant I suggest you call to reserve a table, prices are generally fixed. I have two tips if you intend to go there: use google maps since it is quite hard to find it (if you follow the maps don’t worry you won’t get lost!) and, most important, arrive there starving. As said before, we are Italians, we take our commitment to food very seriously.


Here are some useful numbers in case of need:
Turistic Office: Via S. Nicolò 2, Baunei (0782610823)
Carabinieri (Police): Strada Statale 125, Baunei (0782610825) or in case of an emergency dial 112. Emergency medical service: Via Orientale Sarda, Baunei (0782 610652)
Medical emergency number: 118
For bookings please visit