It is an enviable and loving crossroads of land, sea, culture, traditions, gastronomy and hospitality. A unique place where you can experience all sorts of emotions.

Country life slows down between a chat at the bar and a walk in the countryside. Women dressed in black swing over their long skirts at the exit of the church and whisper in their peculiar dialect. The children chirp in the courtyards and in the delightful alleys who know of distant and shabby times, of gone lives and of unique traditions.

Geographically perched on itself, Baunei unveils travellers and opens up a prismatic range of possible emotions. Well know the visitors who go back and come back.
Staying at Baunei means enjoying the privilege of being able to choose a different destination every day, a new and varied emotion depending on your mood.

From the mysteries of Golgo to the paradisiacal waters of our valleys, from the enchantment revealed of a place like Pedra Longa to the quiet of Santa Maria Navarrese, everything is in favor of a rich and varied stay.

It will not take a few days for you to embrace everything, to discover little big enchantments and to enjoy the well-being that these miraculous places emanate.

And if you had the heart and luck to accompany you to the locals, what a wonderful surprise you would have!

Entering the house of a “Baunese” means to be delighted and marvelled at the very rare art of welcoming.

(Nicoletta Pesce©)